For those of you that I may not have met yet, my name is Troy McCoy and I look after our dispatch group here at Joseph Haulage. I started here at the beginning of February and was just starting to get my feet wet when COVID-19 came along and changed life as we know it.


This time of year typically is slower for us but we are a bit slower than we would like to be. We, on the operations side of the business, wanted to give you an update on what’s going on currently and what we have pending when we come out of the other side of this. Some of it is dependent on the government easing the lockdown we are currently in and some are just waiting for the warmer weather. Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive, especially for those of us that like to ride on two wheels. Our sales team is doing a fantastic job beating the bushes for freight. We have a ton of jobs pending on the bulk side with gravel and soil for both triaxles and the end dumps, mostly looking at the first week of May start date. Once spring road restrictions are up at the end of next week, we should be a lot busier unless anything unforeseen gets thrown at us. On the Ontario tank side, we have some of the asphalt plants opening this week and more the first week of May. There is also a job of biosolids on the books for 1st week of May, which, with the asphalt, should get us back up and running again. The fuel side has been slow and, while we are working on a few things, we expect it to remain that way while the shutdown continues. Fewer people driving, fewer trucks on the road, no airplanes in the sky, and OPEC over producing has driven North American oil demand into the ground. That will change of course once we are up and running again. US tank is quite slow compared to normal and there is nothing confirmed on the sales horizon so that likely won’t change until the lockdown is lifted at the moment. The waste side is slow as those guys and gals know. With everything shut down from restaurants to sporting venues to non-essential manufacturers, the only waste seems to be household and it’s pretty slim. We have three jobs expected to start on the walking floor side the first week of May, which will help. Our flatbed group had been holding its own, however, it has slowed down quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. We do have stone loads confirmed out of Bruce mines and Owen Sound for the next couple of weeks and Taiga has been quite helpful moving our fleet up the road. Hang in there, things are looking up in the very near future on the freight side here at Joseph.


Troy McCoy

Director, Dispatch Operations


Joseph Haulage Canada Corp.

590 South Service Road
Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2W1