Our customers feel confident that when their load is in our hands, we have the training, equipment and skills to get it to its destination without incident. Our excellent relationships with the Ministries of Labour, Environment and Transportation are proof of our proactive safety culture.

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Mandatory training

All drivers, whether they’re employees or brokers, receive professional training in everything from spill response to fatigue management when they start and during their career with us. This training includes road tests and semi-annual reviews and exceeds industry standards.

Dedicated safety department

Our team of field and office safety staff ensures our drivers have the tools and training to do their jobs safely then tracks and reports on key performance indicators so we can manage and train employees more effectively. Ask to see our safety manual!

Random spot enforcements

Downtime is a dirty word, so we ensure every piece of Joseph Haulage equipment is inspected monthly, every 90 days, annually and every 10,000 and 30,000 kms. We use predictive maintenance software and perform our repairs in-house for maximum efficiency.

Safety planning

Job safety assessments are conducted prior to beginning work on any contract or project to take proactive steps to minimize the risk of incidents. Day one includes a safety kick-off meeting that covers expectations regarding staging, in-and-out locations and communication.

Rigorous equipment maintenance

Our safety team makes regular unscheduled visits to job sites to conduct spot audits to ensure our drivers are offering top notch customer service and to check licenses, log books, daily trip inspections, safety equipment, paperwork and PPE. Reports are acted on without exception.

Hassle-free reporting

Joseph takes care of all incident reporting on behalf of our customers, including near-miss reporting (which is then used to mitigate future risks), job safety assessments, and incident reporting. We also maintain a complete service history on equipment, including certificates.


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